PROFIBUS is a universal fieldbus, which is used primarily in manufacturing, process- and building automation. It is a multi-master system, which enables the simultaneous operation of multiple systems with distributed peripherals on one bus. The protocol architecture is based on the OSI reference model. Any transfer layer handles precisely defined tasks. The layer 1 (physical layer) defines the physical layer, layer 2 (Data Link Layer) of the bus access protocol and layer 7 (application layer) use the application functions.

In recent years, the PROFIBUS fieldbus standard gradually extended to new application areas. Besides PROFIBUS FMS it also includes DP, and DP/V1 DP/V2, to the field of  process technology, PA. We are proud to provide communications- and diagnosis-solutions for the entire PROFIBUS protocol family.

Our modular Ethernet Gateway provides an efficient data exchange. Remote control tasks, such as diagnosis and monitoring, can be done directly from the workplace.

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isNet DPisNet PAisPro USBx12


ifak system GmbH at SPS/IPC/Drives

From 26.–28. november 2013 in Nuremburg


Product catalogue 2013

The Product catalogue 2013 with all new devices is now available for download. PDF, 13MB


HART Treiber for Windows 8

32-/64-Bit driver for HART-Adapter


ifak-system GmbH

21. Nov 2013
Visit us @ #SPS/IPC/Drives: Hall 6/303 see our live demo of #profinet and #modbus integration for #HART and #PROFIBUS with the isNetLine

07. Oct 2013
We participate: If you work nearby, join us and ask us about our Lifecycle Management Solutions. #Profibus

10. Jun 2013
Due to the floods and the associated power failure, we are currently largely unreachable. We hope to be back later this week.

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